I have decided to turn to the Blogsphere in an attempt to engage people in New Westminster about New Westminster School Board, School District and Education issues.

I have been a New Westminster School Trustee since 1979 and a Surrey teacher since 1981.

It has been an enormous frustration of mine that over the years few people engage with the School District unless there is a problem or an issue.  Typically we have 2 or fewer people attend our public meetings and we have not been successful in finding a way to engage people. My goal here is to post before, and hopefully after, Board meetings to let people know about what issues are coming up, or about what is happening. I will, of course, also add my opinion to the mix.

I believe firmly in the role of Trustee as both a local representative, representing the community in the governing of our local educaiton system and as an advocate for public education.

My family has lived in New Westminster for five generations.