NWSB Education Committee (January 9, 2018)

Held at Richard McBrideDTKDEChU8AUMA7C


  • Richard McBride School-Wide Charter & Student Performance

        • We had a wonderful presentation from the McBride Choir the High Notes. What a wonderful and dedicated group of teachers over the years to consistently produce an extraordinarily high calibre of singing. This tradition of choral excellence stretches back decades and decades, back to even before I was a student at McBride in the Choir 50 years ago. Thanks to Jonina Campbell for the photo.
        • And it turns out that a School-Wide Charter is a collective vision of how the students and staff  want and expect to behaviour and be treated. The school Kindness Captains talked to us about these expectations. What a great idea. Students whose job it is to watch for acts of kindeness around the school. and report on them. Inspiring.


    • McBride Seismic Update

        • Chair Gifford brought forward a letter urging the provincial government to move forward quickly on replacing McBride, noting that it is our number 1 capital request. The Committee passed it unanimously.

    Confirm Value Statements

      • Board adopted our Value statements, rejecting my motion to send the information out for consultation to make sure that the Board’s Value statements match the community and our employees.

    Mission Statement

    To enable each student to learn in a safe, engaging and inclusive environment.

    Vision Statement

    A place where students love to learn.


      • Collaboration – We value purposeful relationships where we choose to cooperate in order to achieve shared goals and consider each other in our decisions and actions.
      • Engagement – We value meaningful, purposeful, and relevant learning.
      • Equity – We value fair treatment and the removal of barriers to learning, achievement, and the pursuit of excellence for all.
      • Inclusion – We value learning where all people are welcomed, respected, and supported.
      • Innovation – We value curiosity, inquiry and creativity.
      • Integrity – We value being ethical, principled and honest in our words and actions.


  • And we had a great presentation and discussion on our Student Achievement Report for 2016/2017. More on that later.



Author: Michael Ewen

Husband, Parent, Grandparent, Dog Owner, Public School Teacher, Public School Trustee

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