Board Meeting Dec 12, 2017

For our School Board meeting on December 12 we have the election of Board Chair and Vice-Chair, as well as elections for BCSTA and BCPSEA Representatives and Alternates.

We have a number of concerns raised by the Canadian Parents for French regarding student needs and specifically for the District to “review the services provided for students in French programs.” I am expecting that this will be referred to staff for a report back to the Board at either the January or February Education Committee meeting.

We also have the SOFI Report (School District Statement of Financial Information). This is,

e) A schedule of remuneration and expenses, including:

i) an alphabetical list of employees earning over $75,000, the total amount of expenses paid to or on behalf of each employee for the year reported and a consolidated total for employees earning under $75,000. If the total wages and expenses differs from the audited financial statements, an explanation is required.

ii) a list by name and position of Board Members with the amount of any salary and expenses paid to or on behalf of the member

iii) the number of severance agreements started during the fiscal year and the range of months’ pay covered by the agreement, in respect of excluded employees. If there are no agreements to report, an explanation is required

f)An alphabetical list of suppliers receiving over $25,000 and a consolidated total December31 for those suppliers receiving less than $25,000. If the total differs from the Audited Financial Statements, an explanation is required.

Author: Michael Ewen

Husband, Parent, Grandparent, Dog Owner, Public School Teacher, Public School Trustee

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