Tolls, lies and hypocrisy

I love politics and I love policy discussion. I am also not a big fan of lying and hypocrisy. The NDP made a commitment during the provincial election to eliminate the tolls on the Port Man and Golden Ears bridges. The John Horgan NDP government has followed through on that commitment.  The Liberals in their June 22, 2017 Throne Speech also supported elimination of the tolls, and a number of Liberal MLAs supported that.  Now the Rich Coleman Liberals think this is suddenly a bad idea. Lies and hypocrisy. This is all about finding any excuse true or not to oppose what the NDP is doing. The Liberals have truly learned nothing from their defeat, they are the same arrogant and out of touch group that 1,177,142 people in BC voted against in May.

Here is what the Liberals said when they were trying to manipulate another election,

Hon. J. Guichon (Lieutenant-Governor) (June 22) Throne Speech

“Your government has heard the concerns of people who are served by tolled provincial highway infrastructure. Since investments such as Trans-Canada Highway upgrades, the Sea to Sky Highway, the W.R. Bennett Bridge and the Cariboo connector are not tolled, all communities should be treated equitably. With the confidence of this House, your government will move to eliminate tolls on the Port Mann Bridge as quickly as possible.

Your government will also work with TransLink to accelerate the timetable for the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge and to remove tolls on the Golden Ears Bridge.”

Andrew Wilkinson (June 27)

“…that it’s time to reap the benefits. It’s time to see the child care programs we seek, to expand our universities, to deal with bridge tolls, to find new ways to improve the lives of British Columbians. ….We also talked about the elimination of tolls on the Port Mann Bridge. Now, surely, the members opposite can agree on that one since it was their idea in the election campaign. I hear one member applauding — from North Island — which seems ironic, given that there are no bridge tolls there, but none of the rest of them seem to acknowledge their own wisdom by saying that they, too, agree to the idea of eliminating Port Mann Bridge tolls.”

John Yap (June 28)

“We will remove tolls on the Port Mann Bridge as soon as possible and work to remove them on the Golden Ears Bridge.”

Ian Paton (June 28)

“This throne speech commits to eliminate tolls on the Port Mann Bridge as quickly as possible. I can speak on behalf of Delta and being on Delta council that the burden of people not wanting to pay tolls that are funneling through North Delta and Surrey to get onto the Alex Fraser Bridge or to go to the Pattullo Bridge…. This is going to be a wonderful announcement that will, hopefully, thin out the traffic and make traffic more accessible on all the different crossings, rather than people trying to avoid the toll on the Port Mann Bridge.”

Laurie Throness (June 29)

“The removal of tolls on the Port Mann Bridge is a big promise, but this is clearly what the voters of Surrey were concerned about, and we heard that message. Removal of tolls is essentially the paydown of debt on a provincial asset. Again, it’s not a question of ideology but of affordability.”

Author: Michael Ewen

Husband, Parent, Grandparent, Dog Owner, Public School Teacher, Public School Trustee

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